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Examples of Total Landscaping Work

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Landscaping Project - 2

Block Paved Driveway (inc garden wall & fencing), Lincoln:-
First job on site was to remove the existing concrete drive, unsafe wall, fencing and green waste. The new work involved re-building the wall complete with timber panels using a new frost resistant bricks and engineering bricksfor cappings, add a new verticle panel fence and block pave the driveway. Block paving material is Plaspave standard 60mm, laid in a 45 degree stretcher bond pattern with a standard buff boarder. Driveway also includes, high kerbs, low kerbs and linea drainage channels leading to a new soakaway system...


New Build Garden Design & Installation, Lincoln.


This project was a 'blank canvas' from the start, our client wanted a functional patio/paving, paths and a lawn area. We opted to use standard block paving laid in a 45 degree stretcher bond pattern with a rumbled Plaspave Como boarder. To add dimension to the garden we raised the lawn area by adding additional top soil and installing new style timber sleepers to act as a retainer. The area was given a modern twist by adding a circular lawn, edged with standard block paving. Woodhall flint gravel to complete the job.

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